Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A weekend of great singing

We've got just a handful a tickets left for this Friday's January 25th recital by countertenor David Daniels and pianist Martin Katz. They performed on Saturday in Boston, and the Boston Globe critic heard much to his liking.

Take a look:

David Daniels makes his Santa Fe Opera debut this summer in Handel's Radamisto -- another performance I greatly look forward to hearing.

More great singing this weekend comes by way of the virtuostic Dutch vocal ensemble, Quink, on Saturday evening, January 26th. Their far-ranging program featuring works of several centuries includes a wildly imaginative contemporary piece by Simeon ten Holt, Bi-Ba-Bo -- the likes of which you probably haven't heard before.

I knew Quink had sung in an earlier Spivey Hall season, but I didn't know their work from first-hand experience, so about 18 months ago I put on a sampler CD in my office that their manager had supplied. I listened happily to the first several selections that music of the Renaissance. I had my office door open; the music wafted into the box office. When Bi-Ba-Bo came on, suddenly I had several people at my door, asking "WHAT is that?" It's an astonishing piece, and Quink performs it brilliantly. Tickets are still available -- come and let your ears be amazed.

Great singing continues on Sunday with the Metropolitan Opera National Council Southeast Regional Final Auditions -- always an exciting occasion when we get to hear the most promising vocal talents from throughout the Southeast. Each singer performs two selections with piano accompaniment, and the winner goes on to sing in the Grand Finals on stage at the Metropolitan Opera in New York (if I'm not mistaken, David Daniels was once such a winner -- he hails from South Carolina). This highly popular and eagerly anticipated event has just a few tickets left, in pit the seating area, close to the stage. Get 'em while you can, and catch a rising star.


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