Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Patron feedback methods, old and new

We've reinstituted the Feedback Box at Spivey Hall. It's amazingly low-tech. It's a paper box on a table on the upper level near the entrance to the Box Office, with comments cards and a pen. The Feedback Box is there for patrons to bring to our attention any comments, suggestions, questions, and/or words of concern or praise. Patrons may also complete the cards later and send them to us via snail-mail.

And the first comment card is in! I found it in the Feedback Box just now.

It seems to have been submitted by one of our younger patrons who attended Monday's Young People's Concert by the Swiss Wind Quintet. I was out of town on Monday, but Sunday's Swiss Wind Quintet performance with CSU music faculty pianist Michiko Otaki was utterly delightful, and word has it that the YPC was also wonderful.

So, Mikayle's Feedback Box comment card about the Swiss Winds Quintet reads, "That was awesome!" Mikayle even added a pronunciation guide to her name: "ma-ka-lee."

Thanks, Mikayle -- I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Soon we shall embrace a 21st-century method of receiving feedback from patrons -- an email address. (What a concept, eh??) A feedback link is now available.

From Spivey Hall's website's home page, www.spiveyhall.org, click "About Spivey Hall" at the top, then "Contact Us," and in the drop-down box, click "Feedback" at the bottom of the list.

Patrons "vote" and give us feedback with their attendance, ticket purchases, and donations, but we love to know more about what they experience before, during and after a visit to Spivey Hall. We often receive very valuable observations, comments, and suggestions from patrons we see at concerts, and I hope the email address will both facilitate and encourage their feedback.

Of course, patrons may always call the Box Office at (678) 466-4200 and speak with us during business hours, Tuesday through Friday. Now, that's a time-honored tradition using good old-fashioned 19th-century technology -- the telephone, and talking to another human being. (I think Emilie Spivey would approve.)

If we can help, please let us know!


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