Friday, October 26, 2012

Spivey Hall welcomes back The King's Singers

The King's Singers and Spivey Hall (with its intimate size and superb acoustics) are a musical marriage made in heaven.  These six outstanding vocalists never fail to enlighten and delight.  Every nuance of their performances is readily discernible and appreciated in Spivey Hall. Their musicianship is exquisite, informed by scholarship, enhanced by their succinct, well-delivered commentary from the stage, and their unerring instincts of cultivated and gracious showmanship (not to mention a very clever sense of humor).

Their Spivey Hall program this Sunday (October 28, 2012 at 3 PM) is Riddles, Rhymes and Rounds, a variation of sorts on their latest Signum Classics CD release, Royal Rhymes and Rounds (a dozen of which will be available for sale, along with many other King's Singers CDs, at the concert -- arrive early to get the best selection!  The Singers will be available after the performance to sign CDs, DVDs, and program books).

Royal Rhymes and Rounds pays tribute to music inspired by Henry VIII (who wrote some of it himself!), Elizabeth I, Victoria, and Elizabeth II.  Riddle me this:  Who could do greater justice to such a program than The King's Singers?

There is much beautiful music among these selections; I especially look forward to hearing not one, but two versions of "The Silver Swan" by Orlando Gibbons, which entranced me when I was studying music history in college, and which can still cast its spell on me.  There's also an extraordinary 13-minute "Rough Guide to the Royal Succession (It's just one damn King after another...)" by Paul Drayton, which, if we're lucky, might be one of their encores.

The "Riddles" of the concert program are perhaps represented in part by North American folksongs arranged by former King's Singer Bob Chilcott (already I have "I Bought me a Cat" droning through my head!) and five Nonsense songs by Italian composer Goffredo PetrassiThe program closes with songs in close harmony to be announced from the stage, in which the musicians bring forth wonders to behold, spanning the very old and the here-and-now, delivered in their inimitably winning and witty style.  

Listening to The King's Singers affords any music-lover innumerable moments of pleasure.  You can just sit back, be enthralled, relax, and enjoy.  They effortlessly entertain, educate, charm and amaze.  I'm delighted they're with us again, and I have high hopes for this Sunday's performance, which is almost sold out (we have about 35 seats available as of this posting, 3:30 PM on Friday).  

Concurrent with this performance, the Spivey Hall Children's Choir will be holding its second annual Silent Auction in the lobby.  For a preview of what's on offer, click here.  Come early and check out their auction items, which include a week's stay in a Tuscan villa as well as CDs, concert tickets, and an array of other bargains that just might just come in handy as the holiday season approaches.  Don't forget to bring your checkbook or a credit card!

All proceeds benefit the Spivey Hall Children's Choir Program. The Spivey Hall Tour Choir (the 50 most advanced singers of the Children's Choir) sang to fervent acclaim last summer in Edinburgh, Newcastle, and London.  I had the pleasure of hearing their London performances at the beautiful (and acoustically splendid) St. Martin-in-the-Fields church near Trafalgar Square (where Mozart and Handel gave organ performances -- talk about history), and at the Royal College of Music, where they had the privilege of rehearsing and performing with none other than Bob Chilcott (the excellent and aforementioned King's Singer of yore, renowned for his singing, conducting, and his marvelous compositions for voices).  

The Spivey Hall Children's Choir proudly represents Clayton State, metro Atlanta, and the State of Georgia wherever in the world it performs (from Scandinavia, China and Czech Republic to the Pacific Northwest, Boston, Washington DC, Southern California, and other reaches of North America).  The 170 singers of the Children's Choir Program, ages 8 to 18, are admitted by audition on the basis of musical merit, and scholarships support talented student musicians who otherwise wouldn't be able to participate.  Your support of their Silent Auction will be sincerely appreciated so that they can continue to make great music for people of all ages.


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I hope The King's Singers also visit the Choral Dances from "Gloriana" during this performance. Those were well done on the RR&R album!

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