Friday, December 11, 2015

Majestic glory from Empire Brass & Alan Morrison

My office at Spivey Hall is separated from the auditorium by several thick walls, but depending on the forces involved, music does find its way through them to my ears. I always know it's Monday afternoon when I hear the Spivey Hall Children's Choir doing its warm-ups, rising in half-steps to reach the high end of their ranges. Already sold-out are the Spivey Hall Children's Choir Program's three concerts this weekend -- our favorite December holiday tradition.  Lucky those who have tickets!  

If you're not among those fortunate folks, there is a waiting list, so call the Box Office at (678) 466-4200 if you're still wanting to experience the joy of beautiful singing from the 120-member Children's Choir (including the 50-member Tour Choir, who with conductor Dr. Martha Shaw and accompanist Judy Mason will be performing on Carnegie Hall's main stage this June). 

We could not be more proud of the musical achievements of all three of our choirs. The Spivey Hall Young Artists also sing their first program of the season this evening at 7 PM. The remarkable work that conductor Craig Hurley and accompanist Marcena Kinney do to develop the talents of our youngest singers is the basis of future artistic growth that supports the ongoing excellence of the entire Children's Choir Program.We are especially grateful to Spivey Hall Concert Sponsors Rob and Judy Mason for their generous support of the three Season 25 Children's Choir Program concerts this month.

But what's coming through the wall now is the utter magnificence of the Empire Brass and Spivey Hall's organist-in-residence Alan Morrison, rehearsing for Saturday's 7:30 PM concert. Their program combines works for all six musicians, the sound of which is sure to impart to any listener a brilliant, expansive sense of glorious splendor! There will also be selections for brass alone, and for solo organ, with the second half dedicated to Christmas music. 

This combination of artists is yet another celebration of Spivey Hall's 25th Anniversary Season. Tickets to HOLIDAY BRASS & ORGAN are still available (click here for program details and online sales). The music they make in Spivey Hall's superb acoustics will be sure to impress and delight. Plus, there will be an abundance of cookies for everyone at intermission as well. My thanks go out to Spivey Hall Friends Concert Sponsors Lauren Benevich and an anonymous donor for their generosity in making this concert possible, as well as Spivey Hall Friends Arne Troelstra and Kate Troelstra for sponsoring Alan Morrison's Season 25 residency.

Now if only the weather would help get us in mood. Saturday's high is forecast for 75 degrees! (But at least it's not an ice storm; Atlanta's roadways, hills, and airport were definitely not designed for ice.) As always, the spirit of the holidays is mostly in our hearts, which music can summon like no other art. May your holidays be filled with great music!