Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Go vote! Also, BUY A BUS!

It's Super Tuesday and Georgia voters are going to the polls to cast their ballots for the presidential primaries. In this year of all election years, it seems especially important that people's voices be heard, expressed through their votes. I just voted in my district, and the whole process took no more than 5 minutes.  If you can, please vote! If you have already, thank you for exercising one of the greatest privileges of living in a country where democracy and rule of law hold strong.

It's also #GIVE4DREAMS at Clayton State University -- our first-ever DAY OF GIVING with a live webcast.

Everybody has a dream.  All kids have the dream of discovery.  Who I am? What do I like? Who will I be when I grow up?

With or without words, music can reach us in its own language and speak to us.  Music tells us who we are.  It's no mystery that kids who are actively involved in learning and performing music score (on average) more highly on standardized tests. Music stimulates cognitive development at all ages, especially the critical Pre-K-12 years, when, as Yo-Yo Ma says (and I paraphrase), kids accumulate experiences that sustain and inspire them for the rest of their lives.

Music helps kids learn in other ways, too.  An understanding of music of different traditions and styles can help kids with their classroom learning in a wide range of subjects, including science, history, geography, mathematics, and language arts.

That's why Spivey Hall's #GIVE4DREAMS project is called BUY A BUS.  Why?  Because Spivey Hall presents some 30 high-quality Young People's Concerts each season for PreK-12 children in the glorious acoustics of our wonderful hall.  Each of the programs is designed to support classroom learning, with curricular ties and free online study guides that help teachers prepare their students to make the most of their experience at Spivey Hall.

Why BUY A BUS?  Teachers want to bring their kids to YPCs, but sadly, with years of budget cuts to public education, they can't always find the funds for the school buses to get them out of their classrooms and to Spivey Hall.  Admission is just $2 per child, but a bus can cost up to $150.

So we're not actually asking anyone to buy a bus...but to provide a tax-deductible gift to the Clayton State University Foundation at www.clayton.edu/give4dreams between now and 8 AM tomorrow (March 2).  The webcast you'll see at this giving site will explain more. And if you want to know more, or need help making your gift, just call the Spivey Hall Box Office at (678) 466-4200.

A $150 gift enables Spivey Hall reimburse a deserving Title I school to pay for a bus that will bring up to 55 students to a Young People's Concert -- and back to their school, having been enthralled and enlightened by a live, high-quality music performance that relates to what they're learning in school -- from bluegrass and jazz and musical theatre to choral music, opera, and African drumming.

In the 12 to 1 PM hour today, Spivey Hall gets the spotlight.  If you make a gift of any amount during this one-hour period, you'll help us become eligible for special matching gifts.  What  matters with this match is NUMBERS of donors, not necessarily the size of your gift.  Any gift helps!

I'm off to the University Center now, to take part in the live webcast for about 15 minutes during the 12 to 1 PM Spivey Hall "prime time" hour.   So please, if you have a minute and $2 or more to help kids experience excellent live music at Spivey Hall, your gift in ANY amount will be greatly appreciated!


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